The developers at Virtual Escapes have worked on a variety of VR projects for range of clients both large and small. We’ve developed projects on the Rift, Vive, Gear VR and Google Cardboard.


When Deep Realities needed a custom VR experience for their client Lindor Chocolates, they approached us to do the software development. We were able to deliver on time and on budget with three fully-immersive interactive environments running on the Oculus Rift.

The result was a highly successful product launch, with VR installations in multiple cities all on the same day. More here for more details about the project.


Unicef Canada needed a custom app for Google Cardboard to display some of their stereoscopic 360 degree content. Working through Tiriam Immersive Media, we were able to create the product they were looking for, including support for both of Canada’s official languages and running on both the Android and iPhone platforms.




 BrainiUX needed a full-featured stereoscopic video player for the Oculus Rift, capable of displaying on a range of virtual displays (flat, curved, 180, 360) and a variety of video formats and layouts. They also needed an advanced UI for selecting, pausing, playing and rewinding the content. They turned to us, and we delivered.

 Brampton Engineering needed to show off their large-scale processing plant at a big commercial trade show with a quick deadline. They needed an immersive 360 3D video running on the Gear VR in order to wow their potential customers, and when they approached Waxworks Creative, Waxworks hired us to do the job.