Escape the Bunker is our first game for the HTC Vive.  Currently installed in a number of VR Arcades and published on Steam, Escape the Bunker is a single-player room escape game. Typically taking 45 minutes to an hour to complete, the game challenges the player’s powers of observation and their ability to solve puzzles while using their hands to pick up and interact with dozens of objects in a series of interconnected rooms.






Escape from Bunker 14 is a similar game, but designed for the Gear VR. Using a point-and-tap interface, the player navigates through half a dozen locations and solves a series of puzzles that allow them to progress from level to level and ultimately escape. The game is designed to be playable by people of all ages —  there are no zombies to kill, and no one is trying to  harm you. It’s a game of exploration and problem-solving, you against the puzzles.

Escape from Bunker 14 is one of the very first virtual room escape games to be released on any platform.